Judgement Free Program

All Youth, All the Time!!

Youth raisers program

Youth Raisers is a program that supports the youth throughout their K-12 life. Children live different life style's but they all should be supported with their decisions. With the different school systems throughout, we bring different activities with us for the child to experience. We live in a S.T.E.M. driven world, and what better activity to have a child build a robot, or code a bot, be a leader of a team that is rehabbing a home for a senior citizen or even a single mom. We don't cater to a specific school or community, we help all schools and communities.

We will work a with the topic of bullying with the community and the schools, no one should fear school, getting on the bus or any other outing for fear of a bully. Every city has a martial arts facility in or around the city. We would like to offer this for free to the children that sign-up. The major aspect of this program is a book that the children will write and benefit from the profits. This will help bring programs to their school that can further explore the courses they're already in. What's art if you can't paint a portrait, or music if you can't hear yourself on the radio? Authors will get published, singers will sing, artists will draw and all will learn more. We don't believe in a child not having the ability to learn, we try different techniques and learning styles until they grasp the concept. What is school if you can't experience the best times in learning and having fun while learning. For every child who was told they can't, we like to show them they can.